Geoffroy de Boismenu BOISEMANIA

Contemporary narcissists get their ego-surf kicks by Googling their names. But photographer Geoffroy de Boismenu, harboring a fondness for paper and gifted with a sharp sense of self-parody, gives this old search a new twist. For years, he has saved letters, faxes, receipts and other bits and pieces bearing frightening misspellings of his moniker. The eponymous mishaps are legion – from “Geoffrou de Boismenue” to “Geoffrey de Boisemania” including “Geoffroi Breneu”! Amazingly, he has created an artist book from this orthographical mess. Boisemania, a generous tabloid format of 44 pages in an edition of 6,000, is available for free in Parisian spots from Colette to the Yvon Lambert gallery bookshop.Boisemania is a welcome diversion as we wait for Geoffroy de Boismeny’s (oops, Boismenu’s) new book Image System, published by RVB, expected this autumn.


Geoffroy de Boismenu, Boisemania, 44 pages.


Other images on the site Geoffroy de Boismenu.

Our article (in French) on his previous book F2.

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